Taking Stock of Drug Courts After 30 Years: The Good, The bad, The misunderstood Play Video Powerpoint
Responding to Participant Behavior Play Video Powerpoint
Best Practice Standards for Judges  Play Video
DUI – DUI Court Standards Play Video Powerpoint
Native American – Healing to Wellness Drug Court Standards: 10 Key Components Play Video Powerpoint
Who’s on First? – Clarifying and Navigating Roles and Responsibilities on the FTC Team Powerpoint
Juvenile – New Juvenile Drug Court Standards Play Video
Teleservices for Treatment Courts in Montana Play Video
Historical and Intergeneration Trauma Informed Care – Adult Approach Play Video
The DUI Drug Court Difference Play Video Powerpoint
Vocational Rehabilitation
Employment Play Video
Housing Play Video Powerpoint
Methamphetamine / Fentanyl Dependence: Drug Problems in Montana Play Video
DIMS Data Clinic - Participant App and New Features 
The Promise of Drug Courts  Powerpoint
Peer Coaches/Peer Mentors Utilization in Montana Drug Courts
A Constitutional and Legal Summary
Native American Culturally Inclusive Mental Health Assessment Process
The Importance of Law Enforcement on Your Treatment Court Team Powerpoint
The Montana Recovery Management Tool Kit
Comprehensive Case Plans and Phases - Family Drug Courts Powerpoint
Thinking About Phases in Your Drug Court Powerpoint
Myths Surrounding Drug Testing Powerpoint
Practical Basics of Effective MAT for Substance Use Dependency
Culture and Healing In Wellness Court
What Data Can do for Your Court
Why and How to Use SCRAM
So You Have a Vet in Your Drug Court…Now What?
Multiple Tracks (Risk and Need) in Drug Courts Powerpoint
Drug Testing Best Practices Powerpoint
High on the Highway
Gender Specific Services – Doing it in a Meaningful Way
How to Implement a Media Kit in Treatment Courts (Drug Court Coordinators and Drug Court Judges)
Identifying, Referring, and Engaging Families for Success Powerpoint
Trauma Informed Care: Juvenile Approach
Incentives, Sanctions and Treatment Adjustments
“Native Think” Practical Approaches to Historical Trauma / Intergenerational Trauma and Identity Impact 
Getting to IOP: Evidence Based Treatment for your Treatment Court Participants – We Can Make It Happen!
Evidence-Based Treatment Techniques for People with Methamphetamine Dependence and/or Fentanyl Abuse
Have We Done All We Can Before Early Discharging of Treatment Court Participants?
Using the FTC Best Practice Standards to Engage in Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
Federally Qualified Health Centers