Complete Packet for Dissolution without Children

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How to File for Divorce in Montana (without children)


MP - 112   Petition for Dissolution without Children

Youtube video Instructional Video       MP-112 Instructional Cheat Sheet

Petition Attachments:

MP - 113-E


MP - 201   Response to Petition for Dissolution Without Children

Youtube video Instructional Video


MP - 412 Summons and TERO – Dissolution

Youtube video Instructional Video

MP - 401.12 Request of Sheriff to Serve Documents

MP- 402.12 Request for Order Granting Service of Summons by Publication – Dissolution

MP-402.1 Instructional Cheat Sheet

MP - 402.22 Order for Service of Summons by Publication

MP-402-2 Instructional Cheat Sheet

MP - 402.32 Summons for Publication – Dissolution

MP-402-3 Instructional Cheat Sheet

MP - 403.12 Notice and Acknowledgment of Service

MP-403-1 Instructional Cheat Sheet

MP - 403.22 Acknowledgement of Service

MP-403-2 Instructional Cheat Sheet


MP – 500     Financial Disclosure and Proposed Property Distribution

MP-500 Instructional Cheat Sheet

MP - 510        Income and Expenses

Income and Expenses Attachments:

MP - 510-A  Additional Income
MP - 510-B  Additional Expenses


MP - 611.1  Motion requesting Order for Mediation

MP - 611.2  Mediation Summary

MP - 611.3  Order for Mediation

MP - 612    Notice of Agreement


MP - 701 Request for Hearing and Statement of Compliance with Financial Disclosure

Youtube video MP - 701 and 702 Instructional Video          MP-701 Instructional Cheat Sheet

MP - 714 Order Granting Hearing on Dissolution without Children

Youtube video MP - 701 and 702 Instructional Video          MP-702 Instructional Cheat Sheet

MP - 713 Dissolution Decree without Children

MP-713 Instructional Cheat Sheet

MP - 704  Notice and Entry of Decree

Vital Statistics Reporting Form *Don't Forget to Fill Me Out*