The Electronic Filing Automation Advisory Committee is formed to assist the Information Technology Division in addressing technical, procedural, and standardization challenges as they relate to electronic filing in Montana courts and will be instrumental in prioritizing system enhancements and/or system expansions. Members may review technical solutions necessary to address e-filing system change requests and provide assistance in fostering increased communication, coordination and collaboration in an effort to ensure effective, efficient and responsive technical services to the courts and agencies that heavily rely on court technology.

Committee Members:

Name Representing
Justice Jim Shea, Chair  Supreme Court
Diane Anderson, Deputy Clerk Clerk of the Supreme Court
Hon. Jessica Fehr District Court Judges (13th JD – Yellowstone)
Hon. Shane Vannatta District Court Judges (4th JD – Missoula/Mineral)
Hon. Audrey Barger Limited Court Judges (Hill County Justice Court)
Amy McGhee, Clerk of Court District Court Clerks (Missoula)
Peg Allison, Clerk of Court District Court Clerks (Flathead)
Phyllis Smith, Clerk of Court District Court Clerks (Fergus)
Miranda Johnson, Administrator Limited Court Clerks (Gallatin Justice Court)
Nick Aemisegger, Attorney OPD Attorney (Regional Office, Kalispell)
Matt Jennings, Chief Deputy, Criminal Division County Attorney (Missoula)
Amy Tolzien, Administrator County Attorney Administration (Yellowstone)
Craig McKillop, Paralegal OPD Administration (Regional Office, Missoula)
Karen Kane, Assistant Attorney General DN Attorney (statewide)
P. Mars Scott, Attorney State Bar
Beth McLaughlin, Court Administrator OCA
Lisa Mader, IT Division Director OCA
Ryan Davies, E-Filing Program Manager OCA
Maggi Everett, E-Filing Analyst OCA
Holley DeWitt, E-filing Analyst OCA



 Rules Subcommittee Justice Shea (chair), Judge Fehr, Judge Barger, Nick Aemisegger, Mars Scott, Phyllis Smith, Peg Allison, Ryan Davies
DN (Abuse and Neglect Cases) Issues Subcommittee Karen Kane (chair), Nick Aemisegger, Peg Allison, Amy Tolzien/Linnea Forseth, CASA representative
Survey Subcommittee Lisa Mader (chair), Judge Barger, Amy McGhee.