Montana WINGS Members

1. Judge Dan Wilson, representing the Montana District Courts and appointed as Presiding Officer of WINGS;
2. Michael Hagenlock, representing the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, Adult Protective Services;
3. Theresa Baldry, representing an advocacy group for individuals with developmental disabilities;
4. Susan Bailey, representing an advocacy group for senior citizens;
5. Cindy Nickol, representing professional guardians or conservators;
6. Dawn Larimer, representing unpaid guardians or conservators;
7. Angie O'Connor, representing a volunteer guardianship council;
8. Erika Johnson, representing as a member of the Montana State Bar Association; and
9. Dr. Michael P. Temporal, MD, representing as a health care provider with experience in working with patients in need of a guardianship.

Montana Supreme Court AF-19-0360 Order RE Establishment of and Appointments for the Working Interdisciplinary Network on Guardianship (WINGS) 

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