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The Alexander Blewett III School of Law Pro Bono Program matches law student volunteers with pro bono partner organizations.  It does not offer direct legal services.  Law student have the opportunity to receive the Dean's special recognition awards. 

For more information contact Kelsi Steele, Director of Access to Justice Programs. 406/243-2618 or


Alexander Blewett III School of Law References and Materials

ABIII Pro Bono Portal. Learn more about student pro bono, including law student opportunities, applying to the ABIII pro bono program, completing the Pro Bono Pledge form, special student pro bono recognition guidelines, or to track your pro bono hours through ABIII NetworkX and other references.

ABIII School of Law Student Handbook (August 2022). Pro Bono information begins at page 69. Student practice rules are found at Appendix F (adopted April 30 1975 and amended August 13, 1991.)

Other Law Student References and Resources

The Lawyer as Public Citizen:  Meeting the Pro Bono Challenge. Published by Alexander Blewett III School of Law (Prof. Irma S. Russell.)

A Pro Bono Guide, An Introduction to Pro Bono in a Law Firm Setting. Published by Harvard Law School.

Directory of Law School and Public Interest Pro Bono Programs - American Bar Association.

Sample Cover Letters for internships/externships (pro bono, public interest) - Harvard Law School