Updated: 05/27/2022

Compact Name Case # Status
Crow Tribe Compact WC-2012-06 CLOSED
Blackfeet Tribe Compact WC-2018-06 CLOSED 
Blackfeet Tribe Stipulated Rights WC-1991-01 CLOSED
Fort Peck-Montana Compact WC-1992-1 CLOSED
Northern Cheyenne Compact WC-1993-1 CLOSED
National Park Service-MT Compact WC-1994-1 CLOSED
Rocky Boys Compact WC-2000-01 CLOSED
Red Rock Lakes Compact WC-2000-02 CLOSED
USFWS Black Coulee and Benton Lake Compact WC-2000-03 and WC-2002-04 CLOSED
USDA Forest Service WC-2007-03 CLOSED
USA-BLM-MT Compact WC-2008-10 CLOSED
National Bison Range Compact WC-2011-01 CLOSED
Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge Compact WC-2013-04 CLOSED
USDA Fort Keogh Research Station WC-2014-07 CLOSED
USDA Sheep Experiment Station WC-2014-06 CLOSED
Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge WC-2015-05 CLOSED
Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument WC-2015-06 CLOSED
Fort Belknap Indian Reservation   Not yet at Water Court
Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation  WC-0001-C-2021 OPEN