PO Box 1389
1123 Research Drive
Bozeman, MT 59771
(406) 586-4364
(800) 624-3270

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Closed for observation of federal holidays

**Effective June 3, 2019, the Water Court will offer electronic service of documents generated by the Water Court. Please email the general inbox at watercourt@mt.gov for additional information.  

**Pursuant to Local Rule, electronic filings are to be submitted to the general inbox, watercourt@mt.gov, not directly to clerks, masters or judges. 

**Please be aware that Judges, Water Masters, and Court staff are unable to provide legal advice or engage in certain ex parte communications about pending cases. If you have procedural questions or general questions about the adjudication, feel free to give us a call.

Employee Title Phone Number Email
Natalie Riffel Judicial Assistant   406-577-7733 natalie.riffel@mt.gov
D'Ann Cigler Judicial Assistant   406-577-7740 d'ann.cigler@mt.gov
Liz Draper Judicial Assistant   406-577-7744 elizabeth.draper@mt.gov
Becca White Judicial Assistant   406-577-7735 rebecca.white@mt.gov
Regina Certalic Judicial Assistant   406-577-7753 rcertalic@mt.gov
Julie Cristiani Judicial Assistant   406-577-7747  jcristiani@mt.gov
Vicki Heiser Judicial Assistant   406-577-7757 vheiser@mt.gov
Swithin Shearer Judicial Assistant   406-577-7756 sshearer@mt.gov
Eugene White Water Master   406-577-7737 eugene.white@mt.gov
Colton Lauer Water Master    406-577-7739 colton.lauer@mt.gov
Eyvind Ostrem Senior Water Master   406-577-7745 eyvind.ostrem@mt.gov
Nathan Block Senior Water Master   406-577-7751 nathaniel.block@mt.gov
Melissa Lockman Senior Water Master   406-577-7749 melissa.lockman@mt.gov
Kathryn Lambert Senior Water Master   406-577-7748 kalambert@mt.gov
Julia Nordlund Senior Water Master   406-577-7746 julia.nordlund@mt.gov
Anika Stern Senior Water Master   406-577-7734 astern@mt.gov
Anna Stradley Senior Water Master   406-577-7736 astradley@mt.gov
Madeleine Weisz Senior Water Master   406-577-7752 mweisz@mt.gov
Sara Calkins Court Administrator   406-577-7755 sara.calkins@mt.gov
Stephen Brown Associate Water Judge   406-577-7743 stephen.brown@mt.gov
Russ McElyea Chief Water Judge   406-577-7754 rmcelyea@mt.gov