E-Filing Information

In 2007 the Judicial Branch received long range information technology funds to pursue a variety of strategic technology improvements in Montana Courts.  Included in this authorization is $1.535 million dollars set aside specifically for a statewide electronic filing and document management project.  In addition, the Judicial Branch received a federal grant through the National Criminal History Improvement (NCHIP) program of $243,007 ($48,067 in-kind match) to support prosecutor filings in the future electronic filing system with the potential for additional funding ($100,000) for each of the next five years through the Court Assessment Program.

In 2008 the Commission on Technology created the Electronic Filing and Remote Access Task Force, chaired by the Clerk of the Supreme Court, to study and report on how to best proceed in creating a statewide system for electronic filing and service in Montana courts.  The Task Force included judges, clerks of court, attorneys representing the State Bar, representation from Montana Legal Services and records management personnel from the Office of the Secretary of State.  In addition to the Task Force, several working groups of subject matter experts met and reported on the particular implications of an electronic filing system in their areas of expertise:  Document Management, Remote Access, Self- Represented Litigants, Courts of Limited Jurisdiction and Court Rules.