Seal of the Supreme Court

Supreme Court Seal

The seal is used to authenticate or certify an official action of the Supreme Court.

Section 3-1-201 Montana Code Annotated (M.C.A.) prescribes that the Montana Supreme Court shall have a seal. The Clerk of the Supreme Court is the custodian of the seal (3-1-204 and 3-2-402 M.C.A.) . Section 3-1-202 (M.C.A.), describes the seal as "circular in form and not less than 1 3/4 inches in diameter, on which are engraved the words ' Supreme Court, State of Montana.' " An impression, certified by the Clerk of the Supreme Court, remains on file with the secretary of state.

Documents Requiring Seals
Governed by section 3-1-206, the court seal is to be affixed to official writs, certificates, and is also used to authenticate a "copy of a record or other proceeding of a court or an officer thereof or a copy of a document on file in the office of the clerk."