Types of Cases Reviewed by the Montana Supreme Court Title 25, Chapter 21 Montana Code Annotated

Montana's Constitution (Article VII, Section 2) allows for direct appeals from District Court judgments or orders, in both civil and criminal cases, to the state Supreme Court. The party that appeals to the Supreme Court is termed the appellant and the adverse party the respondent. The appellate process is governed by The Rules of Appellate Procedure, (M.R.App.P) which are found at Title 25, Chapter 21 of the Montana Code Annotated.

In addition to direct appeals, the Montana Constitution empowers the Montana Supreme Court to hear and determine such original and remedial writs as may be necessary or proper to complete exercise of its jurisdiction (Rule 17a, M.R.App.P.). These cases, generally termed Original Proceedings, are governed by Rule 17, M.R.App.P.