Statewide Pro Bono Program


Who we are and What We Do

Providing and facilitating practical support, training and mentoring for pro bono programs and volunteer attorneys by actively recruiting, coordinating training, and mentoring and supporting volunteers to facilitate the delivery of pro bono legal services to those with the greatest legal needs and the least financial resources.

Development and implementation of best practices in partnership with various programs and entities for both program and volunteer participants. Pro Bono programs are more likely to gain endorsement and support and attorneys are more likely to volunteer if delivery of services is efficient and effective.

Developing new and improving existing models for pro bono programs and opportunities that address the unique demographics across the state of Montana and the interests and expertise of the pro bono attorneys who serve.

Developing and maintaining a clearinghouse of information to assist pro bono programs and their coordinators, volunteer attorneys, service providers and access to justice entities.

Increasing the capacity to volunteer across the scope of the legal profession by identifying, creating and supporting pro bono opportunities to government, corporate and non-traditional fields of practice.

Increasing and facilitating relationships among access to justice partners including committees, task forces, the judiciary, the state bar, government and service providers in an effort to coordinate efforts in increasing involvement in pro bono efforts.

Facilitating bottom-up approach to fulfilling the legal needs of a community Unmet legal needs often involve the basics of life – food, shelter, safety. Pro bono work is coordinated and integrated as part of a broader delivery of assistance. This, in turn, improves entire communities by working with the people, programs and services that exist within them.


Patty Fain, Statewide Pro Bono Coordinator
406/794-7824 or


The Pro Bono Program cannot make direct pro bono referrals and cannot respond to individual requests for assistance.