Job Descriptions

General Office Employees:
JUD101 - Office Assistant I
JUD102 - Office Assistant II
JUD103 - Office Assistant III
JUD105 - Office Supervisor
JUD107 - Office Administrator

Court Positions:
JUD120 - Judicial Administrative Assistant I
JUD121 - Judicial Administrative Assistant II
JUD122 - Judicial Administrative Assistant III
JUD130 - Water Court Clerk Supervisor
JUD131 - Water Deputy Court Clerk
JUD201 - District Court Administrative Assistant
JUD205 - District Court Adm. Coordinator (13th Judicial District)
JUD205 - District Court Adm. Coordinator (Water Court)
JUD205 - District Court Adm. Coordinator
JUD209 - District Court Administrator
JUD301 - Court Reporter – Electronic
JUD302 - Court Reporter – Steno
JUD303 - Court Reporter – Realtime
JUD520 - Family Evaluator I
JUD521 - Family Evaluator II
JUD522 - Adult Treatment Coordinator
JUD522 - Co-Occurring Coordinator (4th Judicial District)
JUD522 - Drug Court Coordinator (13th Judicial District)
JUD522 - Drug Court
JUD522 - Treatment Court Coordinator
JUD523 - Family Evaluator Supervisor
JUD524 - Treatment Court LAC
JUD525 - Intensive Court Manager
JUD527 - Functional Family Therapy Specialist
JUD601 - Law Clerk I
JUD602 - Law Clerk II
JUD603 - Senior Law Clerk
JUD609 - Standing Master
JUD611 - Water Master
JUD613 - Senior Water Master
JUD900 - Bailiff

Court Information & Technology Positions (IT):
JUD801 - IT Support Desk
JUD801 - IT Support Specialist I
JUD802 - IT Support Specialist II
JUD803 - Business Analyst Trainer
JUD805 - Lead Information System Analyst
JUD805 - Share PT Adm
JUD807 - IT Security Specialist
JUD809 - IT Support Supervisor
JUD809 - E-Filing Coordinator
JUD810 - Electronic Services Coordinator
JUD810 - Lead Audio/Visual Project Coordinator

Accounting Positions:
JUD110 - Financial Specialist
JUD111 - Accounting Supervisor
JUD112 - Accounting Support Specialist
JUD511 - Regional Youth Court Finance
JUD722 - Accounting & Fiscal Analyst
JUD735 - Contracts Manager

Law Library Positions:
JUD401 - Library Assistant
JUD402 - Library Specialist
JUD403 - Librarian I
JUD404 - Librarian II

Court Administration Positions:
JUD405 - Self Help Law Facilitator (11th Judicial District)
JUD405 - Self Help Law Facilitator (18th Judicial District)
JUD405 - Self Help Law Facilitator
JUD604 - Pro Bono Coordinator
JUD606 - Self Help Law Administrator
JUD701 - Director of Human Resources
JUD702 - Director of Court Services
JUD703 - Director of IT
JUD704 - Director of Budget/Finance
JUD709 - State Wide Drug Court Coordinator
JUD720 - Judicial Educator
JUD725 - District Court Program Manager
JUD730 - Human Resources Specialist
JUD736 - Public Safety Assessment Coordinator
JUD806 - JCATS System Analyst
Law Librarian

Juvenile Probation:
JUD501 - Chief Juvenile Probation Officer I
JUD502 - Chief Juvenile Probation Officer II
JUD503 - Chief Juvenile Probation Officer III
JUD507 - Deputy Juvenile Probation Officer I
JUD508 - Deputy Juvenile Probation Officer II
JUD509 - Deputy Juvenile Probation Officer III
JUD510 - Probation Program Assistant
JUD512 - Community Programs Specialist (12th Judicial Districts)
JUD512 - Community Programs Specialist (1st Judicial District)
JUD512 - Community Programs Specialist
JUD512 - JDAI Coordinator
JUD514 - Community Supervision Program Specialist
JUD516 - Community Supervision Officer
JUD518 - Youth Hearing Offier

Supreme Court Positions:
JUD602 - Pro Se Law Clerk
JUD605 - Supreme Court Staff Attorney