Under MCA 71-3-101, the term “lien” is defined as a charge imposed in in some mode other than by a transfer in trust upon specific property by which it is made security for the performance of an act. Liens are either general or special.

In more basic terms, a lien is generally described as a creditor’s legal claim against property of a debtor, as security for a debt owed.  Liens may arise by agreement (e.g. mortgages, car loans, personal loans), or as a matter of law (i.e. nonconsensual liens, such as tax liens, judgment liens or mechanic’s liens).

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Title 71, Chapter 3. Liens

Title 71, Ch. 3, Part 5. Construction Liens

MCA Title 25, Ch. 9, Part 3. Entry of Judgment and Satisfaction -- Lien

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