Term: 4 years
Appointed by: The Montana Supreme Court

Composed of five members including: two district judges from different judicial districts and elected by the district judges; one attorney who has practiced law in the state for at least ten years and appointed by the Supreme Court; and two citizens from different congressional districts who are not attorneys or judges of any court, active or retired, who are appointed by the Governor. Members of the Judicial Standards Commission serve a four-year term.

Judicial Standards Commission - Effective date - May 7, 1973

Hon. Mike Menahan
Elected by: District Judges
228 Broadway, 2nd Fl.
Helena, MT 59601
Term ending: 6/30/2025 
Hon. Randal I. Spaulding
Appointed by: District Judges
506 Main St.
Roundup, MT 59072
Term ending: 06/30/2025 
Jill Gerdrum
Appointed by: Supreme Court
The Millennium Bldg., Ste. 403
125 Bank Street
Missoula, MT 59802
Term ending: 6/30/2025
Jenny Eck
Appointed by: Governor
Email: jennyeck4mt@gmail.com
Term ending: 7/1/2023
Roger Webb
Appointed by: Governor
8 Voss Lane
Park City, MT 59063
Term ending: 6/30/2024 
Executive Secretary: Administrative Assistant:
Shelly J. Smith
301 S. Park, Suite 328
P.O. Box 203005
Helena, MT 59620-3005
Telephone: 841-2976
FAX: 841-2955
Carrie Leu
301 S. Park, Suite 328
Helena, MT 59601
Telephone: 841-2977