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Adjudication Advisory Committee

Water Distribution Issues - Final Document for WPIC

 Request for Suggestions for Water Administration and Distribution - 1/15/2016


Advisory Committee Meeting:  September 21, 2015

           Invitation to Participate (E-mail from September 4, 2015)

           Proposed Procedural Outline for Turtle Mountain Claims

           Agenda for September 21, 2015 Meeting

           Minutes from September 21, 2015 Meeting

                     Next Meeting - October 19, 2015; 10:00am

                     Committee Comments October 19, 2015

                                       J Bloomquist Original Comments

                                                    Supplemental Bloomquist Comments (10/28/2015)

                                       M Cusick

                                       H Franz

                                       B Goffena

                                       MT DNRC

                                       MT Attorney General

                                       T Sheehy

Proposals on Exempt from Filing Claims

Sen Brenden exempt claim letter

Water Court Exempt Claim Memo-1-2011 teleconf

John E. Bloomquist 6-15-2011

Don MacIntyre 6-15-2011

Michael J.L.Cusick 6-15-2011

DNRC - Anne W. Yates 6-15-2011

Maxine Korman Documents

Arizona Summary Adjudication of de minimis water uses

Idaho Ord Establishing De Minimis Claim Filing Procedures

Mandatory Filing Concept Sept 2011

Voluntary Filing Concept Sept 2011

Committee Minutes 9-19-2011

1978 DNRC Legislative Report

Draft Reports for 11-17-2011 Telephone Conference

Summary & Background Information

Mandatory Options Draft

Certification to Water Court Option

Minutes from 11-17-2011 Conference Call

Revised Proposals

Optional Filing Option - Franz 12-1-2011

Revised Certification Option - Cusick, Bloomquist, Franz 12-7-2011

Two Additional Exempt Right Resolution Options 12-8-2011

Minutes 12-19-2011

Minutes from 7-10-2012 Conference Call

Draft for August 10, 2012 Conference Call

Water Advisory Committee Update letter 9-10-2012

Letter and Proposal 11-14-2012

Public Comment

Sierra Dawn Stoneberg Holt 8-18-2011

Sierra Dawn Stoneberg Holt 8-17-2011

Nancy Ereaux 6-23-2011

Sierra Dawn Stoneberg Holt 6-20-2011

Maxine Korman 12-29-2011

Maxine Korman 1-5-2012