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Joint Parenting Plan

Disclaimer - These forms were drafted by the Access to Justice Commission Standing Committee on Self Represented Litigants.  They are currently posted for use in the Pilot Project Counties, Cascade and Gallatin. For questions about these forms, please contact srlc@mt.gov.

Informational Materials

Complete Packet for Joint Parenting Plan

Form Instructions

How to File a Joint Petition for Parenting Plan in Montana

How to File a Notice of Intent to Move in Montana


MP - 117   Joint Petition for Parenting Plan

Petition Attachments:

MP - 113-B
MP - 113-C
MP - 113-D
MP - 113-E

Parenting Plan

MP - 300   Proposed Parenting Plan

Proposed Parenting Plan Attachments:

MP - 300-A   Parenting Time Schedule
MP - 300-B   Holiday, Vacation and Special Occasions
MP - 300-C   Limited Parenting Time
MP - 300-G   Description of Existing Medical Coverage

Service Documents

MP - 407      Notice to Person Not Named

Hearing and Decree

MP - 721  Request for Hearing on Parenting Plan

MP - 722  Order Granting Hearing on Parenting Plan

Vital Statistics Reporting Form *Don't Forget to Fill Me Out*

Notice of Intent to Move

MP – 904  Notice of Intent to Move