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Name Change

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Forms for Self-Represented Litigants

Name Change Packet (Adult)

Name Change Packet (Child)

Name Change (Sealed Record - When your safety is at risk)

Generic Forms

Petition for Name Change of an Adult Packet


Order Setting Name Change Hearing

Notice of Name Change Hearing

Order Changing Name

Petition for Name Change of a Minor Child Packet


Consent to Change

Order Changing Name


Selected Montana Statutes about Changing Your Name or the Name of Your Child

“Change of Name”
M.C.A., Title 27, Chapter 31


Free Information on the Web about Name Changes

From the Montana Motor Vehicle Division (Driver’s License)

From the Social Security Administration (Social Security Cards)

From the United States Secretary of State’s Office (Passport)


Recommended Books in the Law Library about Child Custody

Title: How to Change Your Name
Author: Margaret C. Jasper
Call #: KF468.Z9 J28 (2005)


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