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Ending Your Marriage

(Divorce/Dissolution, Legal Separation, Annulment)

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Forms for Waiving Court Fees


Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage

Petition for Dissolution of Marriage without Children Packet

Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with Children Packet

Joint Petition for Dissolution of Marriage without Children Packet

Joint Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with Children Packet

Summary Dissolution without Children Packet

Summary Dissolution with Children Packet

Answer to Dissolution   

Affidavit for Entry of Decree of Dissolution of Marriage Without Hearing   


Selected Montana Statutes about Ending Your Marriage

“Termination Of Marriage, Child Custody, Support”
M.C.A., Title 40, Chapter 4

“Validity of Marriages – Declaration of Invalidity”
M.C.A., Title 40, Chapter 1, Part 4


Free Information on the Web about Ending Your Marriage

Introduction to Family Law in Montana, from the Montana Supreme Court Commission on Self-Represented Litigants’

From www.MontanaLawHelp.org


Suggested Books in the Law Library about Ending Your Marriage

Title: Montana Family Law Handbook
Author: State Bar of Montana, Child and Family Law Section
Call #: KFM9094 .F28 (2005)

Title: Marriage and Divorce
Author: Margaret C. Jasper
Call #: KF535.Z9 J27 (2001)

Title: Divorce and Money: How to Make the Best Financial Decisions During Divorce
Author: Violet Woodhouse
Call #: KF535.Z9 W5 (2000)

Title: Family Law in Montana
Author: Clare E. Anderson
Call #: KFM9100 .F35 (2005)

Title: Negotiating the Best Possible Divorce Settlement for Divorce Clients in Montana
Author: Steven T. Fagenstrom
Call #: KFM9100 .F24 (2005)

Title: Making Financial Decisions When a Marriage Ends
Author: Marsha A. Goetting
Call #: KFM9100 .M55 (1999)

Title: The Complete Guide to Divorce Practice: Forms and Procedures for the Lawyer
Author: Larry Rice
Call #: KF535 .R42 (2005)

Title: Equitable Distribution of Property
Author: Brett R. Turner
Call #: KF524 .G64 (2005)


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