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Wills - Trusts - Powers of Attorney - Estate Planning - Probate

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  • Recommended Books in the Law Library about Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Estate Planning & Probate 
    • Title: Estate Planning and Probate for the Paralegal/Legal Assistant in Montana
      Author:Michael F. McMahon
      Call #:KFM9140 .M33 (2000)


    • Title: The American Bar Association Guide to Wills and Estates: Everything You Need to Know about Wills, Trusts, Estates, and Taxes
      Author: the American Bar Association
      Call #: KF755.Z9 A43 (2000)


    • Title: How to Make Your Own Will: With Forms
      Author: Mark Warda
      Call #: KF755.Z9 W28 (2000)


    • Title: Attorney’s Reference File of Will and Trust Forms: Reference Manual
      Author: Norwest Capital Management & Trust Company, Montana.
      Call #: KFM9144 .A9 (1991)


    • Title: Planning Opportunities with Living Trusts in Montana
      Author: Richard M. Baskett
      Call #: KFM9144 .B54 (1994)


    • Title: Make Your Own Living Trust
      Author: Denis Clifford
      Call #: KF750.Z9 C43 (2000)


    • Title: Your Living Trust & Estate Plan: How to Maximize Your Family’s Assets and Protect Your Loved Ones
      Author: Harvey J. Platt
      Call #: KF750.Z9 P42 (1995)


    • Title: Power of Attorney Handbook
      Author: Edward A. Haman
      Call #: KF1347.Z9 H25 (2001)


    • Title: Health Care Powers of Attorney: An Introduction and Sample Form
      Author: the American Bar Association Commission on Legal Problems of the Elderly.
      Call #: KF1347.Z9 H3 (1990)


    • Title: How to Draft Effective Wills and Trusts for Your Clients in Montana
      Author: Claudia D. Denker
      Call #: KFM9144 .D35 (2005)


    • Title: How to Protect Assets During Life and Avoid Estate Tax at Death in Montana
      Author: Brand G. Boyar
      Call #: KFM9140.A75 H5 (2005)


    • Title: Federal Estate and Gift Taxation in a Nutshell
      Author: John K. McNulty
      Call #: KF6572.Z9 M3 (2003)


    • Title: Understanding Elder Law: Issues in Estate Planning, Medicaid, and Long-Term Care Benefits
      Author: L. Rush Hunt
      Call #: KF390.A4 H85 (2002)


    • Title: Montana Probate Forms
      Author: David N. Niklas
      Call #: KFM9144 .M68 (2005)


    • Title: Basic Probate Procedures and Practice in Montana
      Author: Marvin James Knapstad
      Call #: KFM9142 .B5 (1994)


    • Title: Executors and Personal Representatives: Rights and Responsibilities
      Author: Margaret C. Jasper
      Call #: KF765.Z9 .J25 (2003)


    • Title: How to Settle an Estate: A Manual for Executors and Trustees
      Author: Charles Plotnick
      Call #: KF765.Z9 P45 (2002, 1998)


    • Title: The Executor’s Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Settling an Estate for Personal Representatives, Administrators, and Beneficiaries
      Author: Theodore E. Hughes
      Call #: KF765.Z9 H7 (2001)


    • Title: Probate Law
      Author: Margaret C. Jasper
      Call #: KF765.Z9 J27 (1997)


    • Title: Uniform Probate Code in a Nutshell
      Author: Lawrence H. Averill
      Call #: KF765.Z9 A94 (2001)


    • Title: BNA Tax Management Portfolio # 904: Probate and Administration of Decedents’ Estates
      Author: Stephen P. Magowan
      Call #: KF6285 .T39 NO. 904 (2000)


    • Title: The Probate Process from Start to Finish in Montana
      Author: Elaine Hightower Galiardi
      Call #: KFM9144 .P75 (2005)


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