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Child Support

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Montana Child Support Guidelines Packet

Montana Online Child Support Calculator

Application for Assistance from Montana Child Support Enforcement Division (not for people on public assistance)

Petition for Judicial Review of Montana Child Support Enforcement Division Decision to Montana District Court

Petition for Contempt of Court for Failure to Pay Support Packet

How to File Petition for Contempt
Petition for Contempt for Failure to Pay Support
Order to Show Cause
Contempt Citation

Selected Montana Statutes and Regulations about Child Support

“Termination Of Marriage, Child Custody, Support”
M.C.A., Title 40, Chapter 4

“Uniform Interstate Family Support Act”
M.C.A., Title 40, Ch. 5, Part 1

Other Montana Child Support Statutes
M.C.A., Title 40, Ch. 5

Montana Child Support Guidelines
A.R.M., Title 37, Ch. 62, Subchapter 1

Free Information on the Web about Child Support in Montana

From the Montana Child Support Enforcement Division

Introduction to Family Law in Montana, from the Montana Supreme Court Commission on Self-Represented Litigants’

From www.MontanaLawHelp.org

Suggested Books in the Law Library about Child Support

Title: Montana Family Law Handbook
Author: State Bar of Montana, Child and Family Law Section
Call #: KFM9094 .F28 (2005)

Title: Your Right to Child Custody, Visitation, and Support
Author: Mary L. Boland
Call #: KF547 .B6 (2000)

Title: Fathers’ Rights: A Legal Guide to Protecting the Best Interests of Your Children
Author: James J. Gross
Call #: KF540 .G75 (2004)

Title: Interstate Family Support: A Benchbook
Author: Ruth Bell Clark
Call #: KF 550 .I57 (1998?)

Title: Child Support Across State Lines: The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, Curriculum for Judicial Educators
Author: Margaret Campbell Haynes
Call #: KF 549 .Z95 H3 (1996)

Title: The Employer’s Desk Guide to Child Support
Author: the United States Office of Child Support Enforcement
Call #: KF 549 .E55 (1999)

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