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Like the old card catalogs that libraries used to own, our online catalog allows you to find information about the books, documents, journals, sound recordings, and videos that the Law Library owns. Our catalog also links to many online resources as well.

You can either search our catalog or browse it like you would scan the shelves in the library. The most popular ways to search or browse the collection are by title, author, or subject. You can search all of these at the same time by doing a "words and phrases" search instead. (Note: if you simply enter keywords in the searchbox and click "Enter," you will be performing a words and phrases search of the catalog). For each item in the catalog, you will be told where it is located in the library, its call number, and whether it is currently checked out.

Because the State Law Library is part of the Montana Shared Catalog, a consortium of over 80 libraries throughout the State of Montana, you can also search the catalogs of the other member libraries through the link above. Just choose the libraries that you want to search from the drop-down menu in the search area.

Please Note: Although our catalog can tell you whether we own a particular law review or legal journal, it cannot tell you what articles are included in that journal. For example, if you search our catalog for the Montana Law Review, you will see that we own Volumes 1 through 66 (1940-2005) of that journal. You will not be able to find out the titles or authors of the many articles in each of those 66 volumes. In order to find law review articles, you will need to use a different tool called an index to legal periodicals. For more information on finding law review articles, call or email us.