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Montana Supreme Court Docket

The Montana Supreme Court Docket is a public document which serves as the official register of actions in cases before the Montana Supreme Court. It is initiated and maintained by the Office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court.

The docket includes essential case information such as:

  • The Title of the Case
  • Case Type (Civil, Criminal)
  • Brief Description of Underlying Action (e.g. dissolution, burglary, etc).
  • Counsel of Record
  • District Court Judicial District
  • County
  • District Court Case Number

The case information is followed by a chronologically ordered register of actions comprised of brief docket entry descriptions denoting the various actions that occur over the lifecycle of a case. In this manner, any motion, brief, order, opinion, oral argument, or general pleading filed in a case can quickly be tracked on the docket.

Click the following link to go to the Supreme Court Public View Docket:

Montana Supreme Court Docket