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Montana Pro Bono

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13th Judicial District (Yellowstone County)

Yellowstone Area Bar Family Law Project

Organizing Entity:  Yellowstone Area Bar Association Family Law Project Committee

Referring Agency:  Montana Legal Services Association/13th Judicial District Court

Types of Cases: 

  • Family Law
  • Other non-family law cases on a case-by-case basis
  • Family Law Settlement Masters

Program Structure - Pro Bono Representation Cases:  Cases are referred for placement on the pro bono waitlist through Montana Legal Services and/or the 13th Judicial District Court. Clients must be eligible Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA) services in order to qualify for the program.

Family Law Advice Clinics:  Family Law Advice Clinics are held twice monthly.  Clients are screened and scheduled in advance.  Mentoring lawyers are available for newly recruited volunteers. 

Program Contact
Angela Deputee
Program Coordinator
(406) 248-7113, Ext. 310