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Attorney LSR Resources

Disclaimer:  The materials provided on this website are provided for general information only.  It presents some considerations that might be helpful in practice.  It is not intended as legal advice or opinion.  It is not intended to establish a standard of care for the practice of law.  There is no guarantee that the information or guidelines will eliminate mistakes.  Law offices have different needs and requirements.  Individual cases demand individual treatment.  Due diligence, reasonableness and discreation are always necessary. 

Limited Scope Representation or "LSR" is a term borrowed from transactional lawyers – drafting a will, deed or contract ‐ and has long been institutionalized in bankruptcy. A lawyer assists with a specific task or tasks including legal advice, document preparation or review, and/or limited appearances. The client and lawyer agree upon and clearly define specific discrete tasks to be performed by the lawyer and by the client. LSR is also referred to as Limited Task Representation or Unbunding - among others.

In March 2011, the Montana Supreme Court issued two orders revising the Montana Rules of Professional Conduct and the Montana Rules of Civil Procedure to specifically address and facilitate LSR.  The new Rules are effective October, 2011.  

Order Re Montana Rules of Professional Conduct to encourage limited Scope representation (LSR) in Montana (March, 2011)

Order Re Changes to the Montana Rules of Civil Procedure to encourage limited Scope Representation (LSR) in Montana (March, 2011)


The above Rules, which are subject to change, may not be the only rules or law to be considered when engaging in LSR in Montana. You should be familiar with all rules and laws that could impact your limited scope representation. Click on the links below to learn more about LSR.

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